Nowhere I've Been

If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.

--Woody Allen

As adults we come to understand the harsh realities of life.  We start off with goals and plans, expecting everything to work out in our favor.  Yet, that is not always the case; sometimes good intentions lead to unforeseen outcomes.  I see life like a long white hallway of random doors that when opened, lead to forks in a road.  Each door you choose, or decision you make just opens up more forks and more paths to choose from.  It only ends when your life does. 

Each image is essentially a self-portrait—a peek into what it is like to be stuck in a vicious cycle.  Paralyzed, at a point in life where you no longer trust your decisions but are still pressing on.  The process of creating these photographs is cathartic and represents my way of analyzing my choices in an attempt to return to a more positive path.  However, I am notorious for taking the hardest road possible and having to fight my way to the end of it.  Nowhere I’ve Been is an expression of my current path and an effort to work through the darkness.