Self as Subject - Assignment 2

This week's assignment focused on role-playing.  I came up with a ton of really silly characters I wanted to try, but none of that felt right.  After reading the article, I decided to focus on a more serious issue.  Something that has bothered me since my childhood.  

Every since I was younger, certain members of my family have referred to me as a "white girl".  It was something that bothered me for a while until I realized how ignorant it was.  They felt that because I spoke properly, enjoyed school, had long hair, etc., that I thought I was white.  It took me years to realize that they were essentially saying African American girls couldn't be smart.  That comment has continued to bother me over the years and has been a part of my photography as well.  So I decided to create a series.

The image below is the first of the series.  I wanted a subtle image, something simple and clean.  I wanted to be doing something that no one really would think twice about, but it was something that would be classified as a "white girl" thing to do, according to certain family members.  In the image, and in each image in the series to come, I want the words "white girl" in there somewhere, but not necessarily obvious.  In my first attempt here, the words are out of focus but still in the foreground and easy to see.  I'm looking forward to continuing the project.  I think a strong statement will be made with a collection of these images.

I love the idea that my "role" is one that was essentially given to me by others.